Our Expertise - Ship and Yacht Registration

We offer comprehensive advice and specialist expertise in the following areas:
1. Ship and Yacht Registration - We assist with all aspects of ship registration in The Netherlands, including vessels registered whilst under
construction, provisional registrations, as well as full and bareboat registrations.

2. Registered Agents - We represent vessels registered in The Netherlands and provide a service for the collection and dispatch of all Registry
documentation issued for individual vessels.

3. Crew Certification - We provide assistance in the application for and collection and dispatch of STCW Endorsements issued for seafarers
serving on Dutch registered vessels.

4. Renewals - We closely monitor the expiry of vessels Registry certificates and assist in their renewal.

5. Company Incorporation - We can assist with the incorporation of shipping and crewing companies in The Netherlandsas well as advising
how to structure these to take advantage of tax concessions available.

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The Netherlands offers an excellent business climate, which allows maritime businesses to flourish.
The Dutch shipping
register includes around 1100 merchant vessels. The Dutch fleet is one of the most modern fleets in
the world. Dutch shipping
policy has been designed by the government with the goal to enable shipowners to manage their
vessels from the Netherlands
on competitive and profitable terms.

One important aspect is the option for shipowners to determine annual fiscal profits on the basis of
ship tonnage.

Flying the Dutch flag offers more benefits, such as allowing companies to apply flexible crew
regulations and make use of additional fiscal measures, reducing the costs of employing Dutch and
EU crews by around 30%.

Officers in possession of Certificates of Competency issued by any of these countries or by EU member states may be issued a Dutch
endorsement of recognition, allowing them to be employed on Dutch ships.

With regard to captains some requirements with regard to nationality are in place. To captains with the nationality of one of the EU or EEA
member states no restrictions apply. For captains with the nationality of one of the following countries a licensing system applies: Russian
Federation, Ukraine, Philippines, Indonesia, India, China, Croatia. The recognition of certificates for Ratings is not subject to signed 'STCW
agreements' between the Netherlands and the countries of origin. Therefore, ratings from all nationalities may be employed.

With the added advantage that The Netherlands unique position within the EU gives its fleet access to EU cabotage trades. The Dutch flag
Standards are high, and resulting in the achievement of 'White List' status. As a result, vessels that fly the Dutch flag, enjoy the reputation
which rightly attaches to the maintenance of these high standards. Ship owners and operators can feel safe in the expectation that their vessels
will meet international requirements on Port State Control.